Small Business

Starting a Small Business 

Use Red Deer County’s Business Development Tool to find local information to help your business make smarter, faster, better decisions. Small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can use this helpful online tool which shows available locations, local industry trends, demographic information, and valuable business links all in a one stop shop environment.

Home-based Business

There are many reasons why people choose to start a business from home. Working from home can provide extra money to support your primary income, keep family members close at hand to care for loved ones, or provide a cost effective alternative for getting your business idea off the ground. There is no doubt that home businesses offer many economic, environmental, and social benefits to the communities in which they are based. Home-based business is an integral component of early stage startups for innovators who begin with ideas that lead to prototypes in their garage or office or barn. The incubation of ideas—ideation, is the vital first step, and the County can play a role in nurturing the process. Red Deer County aims to support businesses at every stage of development.

Development Permits & Business Licenses

All businesses require a development permit to operate. A development permit authorizes the use of the land in relation to the County’s planning documents (this is different from permits that confirm compliance with provincial building, fire, electrical, gas and plumbing safety codes).

In addition to a development permit, a businesses are required to obtain a Business License. The program is a valuable tool for collecting comprehensive and current data on local businesses operating in our community which can help the Economic Development team identify opportunities to support local business growth and facilitate expansion. In addition, the program provides businesses the opportunity to add their information to the newly launched online business directory, found on the County’s website. The online business directory is proving to be a great way for members of the public and fellow business owners to search for products or services within the County.

More Services & Resources

Business ventures in Red Deer County are supported by a number of local, regional, provincial and federal resources. Check out these fantastic small business Services & Resources.